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An open letter from SoZo's CEO 

With the world in turmoil, ranging from the economic crisis and climate change to culture clashes and the confusion surrounding China's emergence, some might ask if we are mad to start a transformational investment company during this chaotic period? We say: there’s no better time to make changes and make a difference.

In late 2009, a group of like-minded individuals came together with a passionate commitment to focus on sustainability. We didn’t know all the ways we’d make a sustainable difference, and we didn’t have a business model. Let’s face it. We didn’t even have a company name.

We started looking for meaningful English names with available Internet domains, one of the essential global business components. A good friend of the team pointed us to the Greek word “sozo.” Sozo means to heal or save, to return back to original form, and in our words, to do good. Voila, we found our name.

sozologo big

From that point on, we further refined our vision and business strategy. We developed a corporate identity that reflects our focus on making a difference in the three areas of sustainability: financial, environmental and socio-cultural.

Then, we began to attract a group of extremely established, far-sighted investors to back us. Armed with funding, battle scars and experience from previous ventures plus a vast network of contacts and infrastructure in Asia, we were ready to innovate and implement our then-revised business plan.

In January 2010, we opened our doors for business and quickly attracted more team members who are all eager to apply their professional skills while making a difference in the world.

With a laser-like focus on our values and vision, we began working on infrastructure, systems and process and refining our business model for service delivery.

With our network in place, our business model refined, we began working closely with our advisors in choosing our first investment targets. And so now, with our infrastructure in place, we are ready to announce the first project and to share SoZo with the world.

Please join us as the story continues. We welcome your contribution.


Raymond Cheng, CEO

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